Frequently Asked Question's

What is Factory-Built housing?

Factory Built housing is simply building a house inside a climate controlled factory. Most Factory Built housing is done on an assembly line type set up and as the home moves down the assembly line, workers specializing in different areas complete the necessary steps in the building process. Some of the major advantages to a factory built house include: 

  • Climate controlled environment. The different components of your home are not exposed to weather while being built. Often times you can witness a site built home being in the framing stage when a large rain or snow storm will come through the area and soak the bare wood. When bare wood is exposed to moisture and then covered up in the next phases of site building, it can create warping and mold growth. Our climate controlled environment keeps your home warm and dry through any weather. When the home is complete and the exterior is sealed, your home is taken out of the factory. It is now able to withstand weather.
  • Secure building environment. Our materials, supplies, and workers are all in a secure environment. This reduces jobsite theft and material loss. Being in a secure environment also allows excess materials to be managed, reused or recycled properly. This reduces end user costs and helps to establish our Built Green status.
  • Delay free, price guarantee. When building a site built home it is an often occurrence to encounter delays and budget overages. Arranging different tradesmen to come to you site can wreak havoc on a schedule. Weather and supply availability may also contribute to these factors. At Triple M we have all the necessary supplies and skilled labor on hand before your home starts being built this eliminates delays and budget overages. The price you agree on with your dealer before construction, is the same price after construction.
  • Quality Control. As your home moves through our factory it is inspected multiple times every day through the different building stages. Our homes do not move onto the next stage of construction unless they pass their inspections.

What is the difference between a Modular home and a Manufactured home

A Modular home is built on a wood floor truss system and when transported to site is installed on a permanent foundation. You can find Modular homes in just about any neighborhood in every city throughout the country. After a Modular home is installed, you often will not recognize that it was built off-site.

A Manufactured home is built on a permanent steel chassis and can be installed on temporary blocking or a permanent foundation. These homes have the ability to be relocated in the future and are typically found in Manufactured home parks, or in rural settings. All manufactured homes are built at an off-site location.

What does Built Green mean?

Built Green is a resource-efficient method of building that leaves less of an impact on the environment through the entire life of the home and its daily functions. All of our homes are certified Built Green. Every house is designed and built to achieve this level of certification. As much as one-third of Canada’s total waste is building material related. At Triple M we strive to reduce our contribution to this number. Any excess or scrap material is re-purposed and reused, if it is unable to be reused it is recycled. To see more on the construction specifics and how they meet the Built Green standard, please see our Construction Features page.

How can I buy a Triple M home?

Through your local dealer. To find one nearest you, please visit our Find A Dealer page.

How long does it take for my new home to be built?

The exact time will depend on the type of home you have ordered but generally construction time is 4-6 weeks from the time the first board and nail come together.