Modular Homes

Triple M Housing offers a wide variety of modular home designs to meet virtually any housing requirement. Whether multi-storey, multi-family, or single-family, our homes are energy efficient and built to the highest standards. Due to our improved system-built technology, the availability of cost-effective green materials, and consumer trends towards more energy efficiency, modular homes are a preferred choice for homebuyers looking for a green home to live in.

We build energy-efficient, quality-constructed, and competitively-priced, factory-built modular homes in a climate-controlled environment. Our quality control inspectors thoroughly check every home before they are released to our customers.

Our modular homes are well constructed, and we stand behind our craftsmanship by offering the modular home building industry’s only 20-year new home warranty.

Masterpiece Series

Masterpiece homes can be built as a 2 or 3 piece home or as a one piece from the factory. On site, 2, 3 or even 4 piece homes are joined together and interior and exterior finishes are completed. One piece, or RTM's (Ready to Move) are built as one piece (or one piece plus a pod) inside the factory. Both are similar to site built homes and can be placed in most residential neighborhoods. Masterpiece and Masterpiece RTM's offer many available floor plans ranging in size from 1200 to 2730 square feet. 
*Models marked with an asterix can only be built as RTM's.  

1200 - 1900 sqft

Jensen3 Bed2 Bath1296 Sq Ft.
Kildare3 Bed2 Bath1350 Sq Ft.
Northam3 Bed2 Bath1512 Sq Ft.
Sherwood3 Bed2 Bath1512 Sq Ft.
Covington3 Bed2 Bath1568 Sq Ft.
Dawson3 Bed2 Bath1568 Sq Ft.
Monaco 3 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
Monarch (KS)3 Bed2 Bath1792 Sq Ft.
Murdoch3 Bed2.5 Bath1848 Sq Ft.
Ranchland3 Bed2 Bath1867 Sq Ft.

1901 - 2730 sqft

Hampton3 Bed2 Bath1920 Sq Ft.
Hawthorne4 Bed2.5 Bath1920 Sq Ft.
Ranchview3 Bed2 Bath1941 Sq Ft.
Portland (KS)3 Bed2 Bath1980 Sq Ft.
Wesley3 Bed2 Bath1980 Sq Ft.
Annadale3 Bed2 Bath2040 Sq Ft.
Hinson4 Bed2 Bath2040 Sq Ft.
Meadow View (KS)3 Bed2 Bath2130 Sq Ft.
Homestead3 Bed2 Bath2220 Sq Ft.
Eldorado (KS)3 Bed2.5 Bath2250 Sq Ft.
Remington4 Bed2 Bath2280 Sq Ft.
Winchester4 Bed3 Bath2280 Sq Ft.
Cheyenne3 Bed2 Bath2280 Sq Ft.
Coulee View (KS)3 Bed2.5 Bath2280 Sq Ft.
Oaksville3 Bed2.5 Bath2290 Sq Ft.
Clairemont3 Bed2.5 Bath2385 Sq Ft.
Fowler (KS)3 Bed2.5 Bath2457 Sq Ft.
Grandview (KS)3 Bed2.5 Bath2580 Sq Ft.
Montego3 Bed2.5 Bath2730 Sq Ft.
Northwood3 Bed3 Bath2730 Sq Ft.

26' RTMs*

Grimshaw3 Bed1 Bath1180 Sq Ft.
Berkley3 Bed2 Bath1232 Sq Ft.
Lewiston3 Bed2 Bath1508 Sq Ft.
Douglas3 Bed2 Bath1540 Sq Ft.
Winslow3 Bed2 Bath1591 Sq Ft.
Aaronwood3 Bed2 Bath1591 Sq Ft.

City Series

The City Series line was specifically designed for the urban market. These homes are similar in design to a site built home, with the added quality and durability of a Factory-Built home. Seal out the bad weather by having your next home completely finished indoors, and then transported to your building site. These homes can be placed in most residential neighborhoods. 

2 Storey Duplex

Aberdeen Duplex2 Bed1.5 Bath998 Sq Ft.
Hemlock Duplex2 Bed2.5 Bath1008 Sq Ft.
Ashley Duplex3 Bed2.5 Bath1212 Sq Ft.
Edson Duplex3 Bed2.5 Bath1415 Sq Ft.
Atwood Duplex3 Bed2.5 Bath1455 Sq Ft.

Infill Homes

Anchorage2 Bed1 Bath850 Sq Ft.
Bloomington2 Bed1 Bath850 Sq Ft.
Kingston2 Bed1 Bath948 Sq Ft.
Bradford2 Bed2 Bath968 Sq Ft.
Charleston2 Bed2 Bath968 Sq Ft.
Rosewood2 Bed1 Bath997 Sq Ft.
Canton2 Bed2 Bath1005 Sq Ft.
Everett2 Bed2 Bath1046 Sq Ft.
Belford2 Bed2 Bath1064 Sq Ft.
Brentwood2 Bed2 Bath1092 Sq Ft.
Glencoe2 Bed2 Bath1180 Sq Ft.


Bloomington Dplx2 Bed1 Bath850 Sq Ft.
Kingston Duplex2 Bed1 Bath948 Sq Ft.
Kingston 2 Duplex2 Bed1 Bath948 Sq Ft.
Bradford Duplex2 Bed1 Bath968 Sq Ft.
Rosewood Duplex2 Bed1 Bath997 Sq Ft.
Canton Duplex2 Bed2 Bath1005 Sq Ft.

Bungalow/Split Entry

Freemont3 Bed2 Bath1168 Sq Ft.
Freeport3 Bed2 Bath1168 Sq Ft.
Kodiak3 Bed2 Bath1258 Sq Ft.
Richmond2 Bed2 Bath1258 Sq Ft.
Waterford2 Bed2 Bath1258 Sq Ft.

2 Storey

Hemlock2 Bed2.5 Bath1008 Sq Ft.
Ashley3 Bed2.5 Bath1212 Sq Ft.
Morton3 Bed2.5 Bath1336 Sq Ft.
Edson3 Bed2.5 Bath1415 Sq Ft.
Crofton3 Bed2.5 Bath1446 Sq Ft.
Atwood3 Bed2.5 Bath1455 Sq Ft.
Cascade3 Bed2.5 Bath1504 Sq Ft.
Edgewood3 Bed2.5 Bath1507 Sq Ft.
Palmer3 Bed2.5 Bath1540 Sq Ft.
Taylor3 Bed2.5 Bath1718 Sq Ft.
Tyson3 Bed2.5 Bath1718 Sq Ft.
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